Since 1975 Raymond Moody has been a leading authority on "The Near Death Experience"
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Currently Dr. Moody conducts ongoing research into the paranormal and altered states of consciousness. A number of these programs are centered around Dr. Moody's continuing research into evoking apparitions of the departed under controlled circumstances -- the basis of his book, 
Reunions: Visionary Encounters 
With Departed Loved Ones.



Dr. Moody has developed a program that is modeled on the ancient Greek's Psychomanteum, or oracles of the dead. By adding a variety of elements, including art, music, play, relaxation, creative activity, physical exercise, nature, hypnogogic states, perceptual illusions, intellectual stimulation, and humor, he has created an atmosphere conducive to altered states of consciousness. Within this environment, Dr. Moody or one of his personally trained facilitators, engages visitors in the process of attempting to attain the altered state of consciousness that can lead to "visionary encounters with departed loved ones." The process, which is described in detail in Reunions, is usually undertaken over the course of a full day.

The research performed by Dr. Moody has paved the way for thousands of doctors, teachers, researchers, scholars and students to embark on numerous studies of Paranormal Experiences. And although many attempts have been made to imitate his work, none have been able to duplicate the vision and courage of the original. Such is the nature of a true artist.

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The Psychomanteum by Michael Kau'i Ihara, D.C.
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Interview by Sharon Barbell

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by Immanual Hunt & Patti Nicholson

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by Deborah Livingston
animpulse.gif (2171 bytes)Science and Apparitions ~ After Life Chapter 23
Victor Zammit BA (Psych) MA (Hist) LLB. PhD

animpulse.gif (2171 bytes)Dr. Moody's Retreat  at The New Millennium Institute
NewHeavenNewEarth: "Although many of the people that first used Moody's psychomanteum used it in the hopes of contacting loved ones, more recently, another phenomenon has been taking place. People are beginning to see other kinds of visions, including visions of global upheavals! Sometimes these visions are vague and fleeting, while at other times that are stunningly real."

 Dr. Melvin Morse

 NIDS - National Institute for Discovery Science

 EHEN - Exceptional Human Experience Network, Inc.

 IONS - The Institute of Noetic Sciences

 IANDS - International Association for Near-Death Studies, Inc.

 Parapsychological Association

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