The first thing to remember is that no one has ever been physically harmed while using a Psychomanteum.  The second thing is to realize that you are observing the Universe in a quantum way with no physical rules applying.  You must suspend "rational" judgement over everything you see and experience. There is no room for linear thinking in the world of spirit.  What you see may never make any sense - if you see anything at all…there are no guarantees. 

The "key" to any experience in a Psychomanteum is preparing your mind, body - and spirit for the experience.  Preparation is the single most important step in the experience.  The Psychomanteum itself is only an "observation point" - You "scan" distant horizons - horizons which can interact with you on many levels from your vantage point - or not at all. 

It is important the you approach your experience with a positive attitude and that your body is as pure as possible. Above all, do not use alcohol or drugs prior to your experience!  Addictive drugs and can attract negative spiritual energy which may linger and cause spiritual, mental and physical problems.  It is best to plan ahead for the experience and set aside an entire day if possible for the experience.

On the chosen day, it is generally best to eat lightly - preferably vegetables and fruit.   I recommend that you spend time earlier in the day walking, bicycling or exercising in some pleasurable way.  Take enough time to really break down any physical tension.   In the afternoon, you might read, watch a comedy or do something which does not involve day-to-day tasks…NO "NEWS!"  As sunset approaches, begin reflecting on the person you wish to see, event you want to understand, or whatever questions you might pose the Universe.  You are now ready to enter the Psychomanteum.
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