Enter your psychomanteum at sunset or a short time before.  The "Crack in the Twilight" is your destination.  If your mind feels "busy" and the "committee" is still in session in your head, find a way to distract your thoughts.  This is the time that it is good to read a comic or look at pollen in a microscope. Play with a slinky, play jacks, pick-up sticks or some childhood game that is filled with distraction, but not taxing on your mind.

Once you have quieted yourself, begin scanning the area.  Let your eyes rest where they want to and let your body settle where it feels drawn.  Begin meditating, with only the intention of finding a gap between thoughts. Eventually, you will find that an attention within you has focused away from you.  The longer you maintain your attention in this area, the more likely you are to have "otherworldly" visions.   Be aware that you may spend much time in your psychomanteum and not see anything at all.  You may leave it and find the person you seek sitting next to you in your car the next morning.  You may go in with the intention of seeing someone or answering a specific question and having a completely "unrelated’ experience.  You could find yourself visualizing a future event or conversing with Mozart.  The point is that although there are no mistakes in the Universe, our perceptions of what we need from it may not be what we are destined to "see" or observe in our sessions in the psychomanteum.

Your "quest" may not be to unlock Universal secrets, but to gain particular insights into yourself and your life.  Remember: Nothing you do in a psychomanteum is insignificant!

You will intuitively know when it is time to end your time in the psychomanteum, so please do not schedule your time in it.  You will also find that time tends to "warp" when you are using your psychomanteum.  You may think you’ve been in it for several hours only to find that a half-hour has passed. 
the author April Vawter