the following was received from April Vawter which describes her personal psychomanteum experience and is offered here to encourage consciousness studies.

"May the Rainbow Always Touch Your Shoulder!"

I am including information on the Psychomanteum experience. Remember, the Psychomanteum is more a place to find "the gap between thoughts" as Carlos Castaneda, who researched Yaqui shamanism, or Ayur Vedic philosophy would describe it.   The Psychomanteum experience is not always controllable, and the goal you walk in with may not be the result you receive. 

Also remember that your desires are prayers which are always answered in the Universe, although the results may also be vastly different than your intellect desires.  If you walk in with an open heart, you will receive the answers and insights you need.   A power great enough to create and be the Universe is also able to create a snowflake or a grain of sand.

Please keep in mind, the Psychomanteum is not an overly "serious" environment.   Be sure to include some objects which can provide comedy-relief if you become too tense or intense.
how to prepare